I hate people

I can’t take this anymore. I just want to stay in a corner, cry and scoff at the world.



Sooo, I really want to ask him something. But I feel that regardless of what answer I get, I have a feeling it would upset me either way. Meaning, I really probably shouldn’t ask. But why on Earth do I have this urge to ask anyway?

Seriously, how do I get myself into these situations?

[Edit @ 11:21pm] I actually DID ask him. And I actually got an answer that I believe. And I actually feel okay. Ok, to be honest, “okay” is pushing it, but I’ll get there eventually.


Sooo, I was presented with a test last night…

…and I completely FAILED with flying colors. Like, on mountainous proportions. In fact, on a 1-10 scale of failure, where 10 is the most epic-ly craziest fail in the whole world, I rank my actions at a gazillion.

No. Freakin. Bueno.


Haha, I have a friend who will randomly hashtag something and that’s when I know she’s serious.

Right now, this describes my emotional stability.

Another great Family Feud answer

  • Host: Name something that follows the word "pork"...
  • Contestant: -CUPINE!
  • Host: Huh?
  • ...
  • Host: Pork? He said, CUPINE. CUPINE! What?! What is CUPINE? This is the greatest answer I've ever heard!
  • Contestant: It's #1!
  • Host: Oh, I feel you! It's gonna be #1... on YouTube!
  • ...
  • Host: I bet every dollar I got that you're the only person that said, "CUPINE"!

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

No, I am not posting a video of myself getting soaked by a bucket of ice water. 

This whole internet fad has gone a little out of control. I mean, okay, yes it has spread the word about ALS, but beyond that, what else? Do half the people out there that are doing the ice bucket challenge even know what ALS is? I feel that although this challenge has done SOME good in that people are talking about ALS, I feel that this idea/project has a couple of inherent problems.

  1. The California Drought: Ok, this one is the most obvious and probably the most talked about, at least on this side of the country. We’re already going through a drought. Our plants are dying. Crops and farming have not flourished, making food even more expensive. Instead of wasting a bucket of water and passing on the responsibility of donating to 3 other people, who will most likely do the same, I say forgo the challenge and just make your donation.
  2. ALS Awareness: Like I said, do these challenge accepters know really know what ALS is? I feel that the point of making these videos is to entice people to watch them and spread awareness about the disease. However, not one video that I watched (and granted, I only did watch about 20) said anything about what causes the problem, how it affects people, the percentage of people with the disease, etc. The only thing I’ve learned with the ice bucket challenge are the letters ALS and that some people have it.
  3. Passing Your Responsibility: So, if I understand correctly, if you are nominated, you have 24 hours to do the challenge or you must donate to ALS. Therefore, if people follow this model, then every single ALS ice bucket challenge video is someone else who is NOT donating (although I’m sure that some of them still are, regardless of doing the video, which is great) and giving that responsibility to someone else. That’s something I would definitely NOT be proud of nor something I would want to post for the internet world to see.

I’m not saying this challenge was a terrible idea. It’s probably done a great job and raised millions for the cause, which is great! I’m just saying that in hindsight, things are much clearer and maybe this could have been done a little differently.

So what else could have been done instead? The whole idea of a spreading internet fad is great because it does have a worldwide reach. If I were on the ALS fundraising marketing team, I probably would have nixed the water idea. ALS is a disease of degeneration of nerves that innervate muscles, causing loss of muscle use and atrophy. So maybe an arm wrestling challenge would’ve been another way to kick off this fad. One person challenges another to an arm wrestling battle and the loser would agree to donate a certain amount to the ALS foundation. That way, 1. there is no waste of resources, 2. every single video/challenge results in a donation, and 3. it raises awareness for ALS. Because, well, what on earth does getting soaked with ice water have to do with ALS? And let’s face it, who DOESN’T want to see an arm wrestling match between Blake Shelton and Adam Levine? Or Carson Daly and Ryan Seacrest? Or Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez? Or Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake? :)

P.S. No, I am not a complete db and yes, I despite my feelings against the ice bucket challenge, I did make a donation to a great cause.

Soooo excited!!!

I’m super excited, I can’t even contain myself. I hope that I don’t build up the hype tooooo much and then become disappointed, but I really can’t help it…I’m sooo excited for this vacation! So much so, in fact, that it’s still 18 days away and I already want to start packing. LOL.

Hawaii, here I come!

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