In a mood.

And not even a bad mood. Just…in a mood.

I just want to be alone. In a corner. Mulling over everything that I’m not happy with in my life. It may take a while. Friends, I’ll be MIA for a couple of weeks. Maybe. You’ll find me here. Venting. Or in my bed watching YouTube.

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I hate people

I can’t take this anymore. I just want to stay in a corner, cry and scoff at the world.



Sooo, I really want to ask him something. But I feel that regardless of what answer I get, I have a feeling it would upset me either way. Meaning, I really probably shouldn’t ask. But why on Earth do I have this urge to ask anyway?

Seriously, how do I get myself into these situations?

[Edit @ 11:21pm] I actually DID ask him. And I actually got an answer that I believe. And I actually feel okay. Ok, to be honest, “okay” is pushing it, but I’ll get there eventually.


Sooo, I was presented with a test last night…

…and I completely FAILED with flying colors. Like, on mountainous proportions. In fact, on a 1-10 scale of failure, where 10 is the most epic-ly craziest fail in the whole world, I rank my actions at a gazillion.

No. Freakin. Bueno.


Haha, I have a friend who will randomly hashtag something and that’s when I know she’s serious.

Right now, this describes my emotional stability.

Another great Family Feud answer

  • Host: Name something that follows the word "pork"...
  • Contestant: -CUPINE!
  • Host: Huh?
  • ...
  • Host: Pork? He said, CUPINE. CUPINE! What?! What is CUPINE? This is the greatest answer I've ever heard!
  • Contestant: It's #1!
  • Host: Oh, I feel you! It's gonna be #1... on YouTube!
  • ...
  • Host: I bet every dollar I got that you're the only person that said, "CUPINE"!
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